So you want to know more about me and this sight?

Super cool story, bro! Then I'll let you know all about me in this short and concise introduction. I was born in 1985 in Oslo, Norway, and spent my early years in Tanzania. I then went on to live in Oslo again, until I had a high school year in England, and a college semester in Japan. After that I have moved around a bit in Oslo, and now I am living in the middle of town, working as an illustrator, which I quite enjoy. My hobbies include redesigning this sight, colonthree, typography, gaming, guinea pigs and becoming the next Peter Gurney. :3

My main design tools

hurr Illustrator is my main creation tool for the moment. I use this for almost everything I make, even this sight.
hurr Photoshop enhances what I scan in, edits photographs and fixes errors in Illustrator-files for printing.
hurr Flash is also a tool I use a lot at work, and though my skills here are still fresh, I'm getting better.

Other tools and knowledge

Painter 7.0
I use this tool to create some of the ridiculously detailed backgrounds I have ever done. Too bad it is not vector-based.
Ye olde Quake 3: Arena-map making tool I now use to make grids I superimpose my perspective drawings on.
You see this sight? It is 99.9% standards-compliant and I know all the little secrets (thanks to the internet).
I can make a Sukodu-solver, a light bank-management system and various algorithm-based number crunchers.
PHP: I draw on my knowledge from Java. SQL: Very simple scripting, really. XML: Oh yeah, baby.
I have really just begun knowing how to use this on a websight, but I am very aware of its limitations and why I should not use it here.

I also know how to animate. Check this example. :3

I have worked for these companies

This is a list of the employers I have done the most significant work for.

insperaMy current employer. I have created several universes for their tool Creaza; a manga-themed universe (Manga), a chibi-themed universe (Norwegian Wood), and two historically-themed universes.
aschehougI illustrated two school books for them; Midgard 7 (only the first chapter called Nettvett) and Matriks 10 Samfunn, as well as some work for their online portal in connection with Midgard 7 and an online test.
IKMI served my alternative to military conscription there. I helped build their exhibition about our sacred spaces, in particular decorating the inside of the synagogue, and I also did some minor work on an exhibition about Norwegian suburbia around Oslo.
Compuriet AS2006
CompurietI did two websights for him; the first for Tema AS and the second for The honorary counsulate of India in Bergen. They were both based on customer specifications which I followed.
SchibstedI did some articles for their now defunct magazine Manga Mania in 2005 when I was a student in Japan, and I also made a 2 pages long comic about a robot and his dog together with Řystein Runde for their comic magazine M number 7 in 2007.

I have also done various stuff for various people and businesses, but currently I do not do much of that because of my current employment situation and my own, private projects.

My workhorse

Processor (CPU)
Intel® Core™ 2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 4x2.50GHz
Memory (RAM)
8192 MB PC6400 DDR 2 RAM @ 667MHz
Graphics card
NVIDIA GeForce® 295 GTX
Harddisk drive (HDD)
Western Digital Raptor® X 150GB @ 10,000RPM
40" Samsung® HDTV @ 1920×1080
Logitech® MX500 Optical mouse
Wacom® Graphire A5 Tablet
Computer case
Silverstone® LC20 black version
Operative system
Windows Vista™ Home Premium OEM 64-bit

Also: I recently upgraded my PC with new fans, and some new SSDs.

About this sight etc.

This sight is my playground, my upload central and my face outwards when I am doing something else.

It has seen a whole lot of different variations, but I am hoping this one will stick around for a while longer (as always, lol). I tried to keep the notion that I should use zero (0) images for the structural set-up of this sight, but I failed: I used one picture as a background-image to get the Q-icon, one on the left to get the pattern, and one more to get a curved corner, but it is always a good philosophy to reduce the bandwidth-strain by not going crazy with fancy images.

The sight URL, why sight?
The address,, came from a friend of mine who wanted to make an alternative OS called Suxos, but it never got anywhere and now he is working for Opera, but another friend of mine kept the URL. "Sight" also is a lot funnier than "site". :3
About colonthree
As you might have noticed, this sight is filled with little smilies that consist of a colon and the number three. They form :3 together. This smiley is very powerful and very useful. I first got to see it in Yoshi's Island back in the mid-90s, and then it grew on me, and now I have made it a big part of what I do, my life, and my everyday. There is nothing wrong with letting a little colonthree under your skin. I now also blog about it. :3
Getting hold of me
My contact information is easily available in the footer-section of this sight. I am always available to contact by snailmail and e-mail, or if you want you can also call me or send me a message. I am not that often on IRC though, but you are welcome to give it a try, as you might just find me there, and if I am on, I am most probably also active and will reply.
Regarding commissions...
I am not quite up for most commissions at the moment, but if you can convince me and I get it through with my employer, you are welcome to contact me, and I will see what I can do.

So you've reached the very bottom... hurry, go up! :3