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This is the Future.

Introducing the Modular Utility Drone.

Imagine a drone that can help you clean your windows, paint your walls, spray your bike, and carry your groceries all the way home.

Drones right now are mostly for observation and delivery. This is about to change. Drones will be more about performing complex tasks, and they will be doing it in difficult situations and areas that are hard to reach for most people. The drones will assist, take charge, and operate independently depending on the task it has been given, and the utility part it has installed.

Most drones are inherently modular, but with a Modular Utility Drone together with the Platform, they will limit time spent configuring and installing parts. However, they will both be able to use just about any available part that can fit the shell, in case it breaks down in areas that are far outside the reach of specialist workshops. On top of this, 3D-printing will alleviate external form factoring by provided blueprints.

The Modular Utility Drone will operate with scalable autonomy depending on what it knows about its surroundings and task, and what the user has specified using a handy slider in the app. The more the drones are used, the more they will learn, which will make them perform even better without human interference.

A Platform with overwhelming capacity.

All drones need a place to refit and recharge.

With a fully automated platform it will be quicker and easier than ever to keep the drones in motion, be it on the ground, in the air, or elsewhere.

The platform will efficiently change the drones' utility module, battery, configuration and perform both hardware and software analysis and reparations, all depending on the customer's configuration. With pre-configured operations based on the drones' purpose, it will almost be like watching a Formula 1 pit-stop in action.

The platform can be outfitted with solar cell panels for long-term operation in areas far outside regular human reach. It will communicate over available long-distance networks depending on your configuration. Connecting with the platform can be done through your computer, someone else's or even your phone.

Furthermore, the platform can link with other platforms for larger operations, safety and redundancy, and it might even be able to move on its own some day too.

Bringing it all together for you.

It's easy.

All you will have to do is contact us through our website or our app, and the system will set you right up based on availability in your area. Available drones and/or staff will then help you out as quickly as possible.

The Modular Utility Drone and its Platform can be bought or rented together or separately. Perfect if you want to own one or just need it for a specific task. For enterprise leasing or bigger numbers in general, special deals can be arranged.

The most important part is that the system can be operated remotely, meaning that anywhere in the world someone can come in and help out. As long as you have the hardware accessible, it won't matter where you operate it from.

The earliest deadline for a complete prototype for this system is being scheduled for January 2017, but earlier prototypes and test-versions are being worked on consistently.

Notice: All designs are work in progress and subject to change.

Company details


To make a difference, to do bold things, to improve the future, all while rejoicing in the findings of the colonthree. :3

Colonthree Enterprises was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2013 to create video games and other forms for digital and light entertainment. It has since expanded on this narrow scope to include more useful areas related to technology and engineering. We wish to work with teams across borders, and to work on a variety of digital and physical projects, as we believe this is the way forward.

We are open for freelancing, co-operation, consulting and so forth should you be interested in working with us (or the CEO, as it is mostly just one guy doing this). Just scroll to the contact section at the end of the page should you have any enquiries.



The modular utility drone project was started late summer 2016, and has since then become a part of a larger project with the Lambda Shift people in the Netherlands. The aim is to have drones performing a variety of work in high-risk environments, but also to aid and assist people who would need help with their work. This includes a platform in which the drone can recharge and refit, and the means of control through software with degrees of autonomy for both single and multiple drones operating at the same time.

While Lambda Shift handles the initial software side for user interaction, swarm control, connections and other related areas, Colonthree Enterprises will do hardware concepting, simulation, prototyping and general product design for the drone and the platform. Both teams have their own separate deadlines and milestones, but hope to get something done together for testing late 2016.

We hope to make an impact on the robotics and drone areas of research, prototyping and development, and to be part of a future where automation will become more prevalent than ever before. This project is only the start, and with help from Gründerhuset SR-Bank, we aim to take it as far as we can.

We are currently looking for investors and others to help make this project a reality. We are working on plans for this, and are open for suggestions and advice.


Modular Utility Drone
Began as a simple idea in summer 2016 in which drones did regular work like painting walls and spraying cars, which through later research revealed to be something that has not been done before. Interest spiked and lots more research was done, and now it's the main focus and project for the company.
Real Card Simulator
Began as an input test in 2014 but has since grown to become a full game idea. It is currently on hold while a Greenlight campaign is going on. It has an early demo version on itch.io.
A sci-fi comic about overpopulation and resource wars started in 2000 but has been worked on sporadically since then. Was supposed to be released in print but the deal didn't come through so now it's put on hold. It's about 75% done and can be read in part over at Tapastic. It's going to be about 300 pages long once it's done.
Catmouth Island
An episodic low-poly 3D game series released for PC in 2014 on Steam. over 20,000 people have installed it so far. The goal is to make each episode have a different gameplay mechanic, and so far only one episode has been done. It got funded by Innovasjon Norge.
The first game of the company released in 2013 for iOS and 'Roid. It has since been taken off iOS but is still available on Android. Over 10,000 has downloaded it so far.

Who we are


Øyvind Sørøy

Founder and CEO

Thoroughly enjoys the colonthree and wholeheartedly rejoices in its findings. He has a background in comics, games and education. He has worked for Playfish and Electronic Arts. Here is his personal websight and is also available on LinkedIn


Michael Enger

Programmer and designer

Michael writes code. That's pretty much all he's comfortable telling you about himself but, if you ask me, I think he has a thing for Hannah Montana and early-90s boybands. A lot of his stuff can be found on his open-source code page.


Dag V.

Contributor and tester

He has been supporting the company economically while testing the games for us and come up with ideas and feedback for our projects. He likes gaming, and frequently attempts to finish classic games for our amusement (when he has the time).

Oscar Garvin

Co-founder and audio guy and currently absent. Contributed heavily on Catmouth Island and Chairspin.

Vegard Kopangen Bugge

PR and marketing assistant. Has helped bring the company to present at Retrospillmessen 2016.


If you feel you want to contribute with something useful, please let us know by contacting us.

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